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We invite you to be the next thing in the field of Insurtech


We’re always searching 
for the next great thing.

Our target is to collaborate 
with start-ups 
technological companies

that will develop innovative 
products and solutions 
for direct and digital insurance

Direct Insurance IDI insurance company Ltd.
I.D.I Insurance was founded in 1994, based on the service-driven, single notion of providing insurance services directly to customers, cutting out the insurance broker.

Leaving out the middleman, IDI has created the world of possibilities called ‘personalisation’. It is one of the largest leading insurance companies in Israel, covering a variety of services - car insurance, home insurance, mortgage insurance, life insurance, health insurance, and more
Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance MS&D INSURANCE GROUP
Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance, MSI, is a core insurance company of the Japanese MS&AD Group, founded in 2010 as a merger of the Aioi, MSI and Nissay Dowa.

MS&AD is ranked in the 5 leading groups among
non-life insurance corporations worldwide, according to Fortune Global 500 - 2019 income ranking.

It is the largest insurance company in Japan, set on continuing innovation to further its title as a global leader in insurance and finances.
Kobi Haber
Koby Haber,
CEO, IDI Insurance
Sees this collaboration as strategic, 
since it widens 
IDI's innovation 
activities globally, and integrates MSI's

knowledge and experience into IDI's 
local activities.

GDH TLV, our new hub, in cooperation 
with MSI group, 
will help us further 
promote open innovation and I 
sure the Israeli eco-system, and 
start-ups, will see this as a 
great potential. GDH TLV is 
important milestone in IDI's innovation 
activity. I 
believe that open innovation, 
will help us maintain 
our market 
leadership, and keep us one step 
of competition".
Mr. Funabiki
Shinichiro Funabiki,
Representative Director, President, Chief Executive Officer
emphasizes that establishing a joint 
lab with DIFI/IDI is 
an exciting 
milestone for digital globalization 
of MSI.

“Israel is one of the centers of 
innovation in the world. 
IDI is the 
most valuable partner in enabling 
us to prove 
the effectiveness of the 
latest digital technology and

implement it into our group’s 

What are we
looking for?

Main Key Areas:
New products
Customer Journey
Back Office
Claims payment
and handling
AI and ML
Autonomous and
connected Cars
Process Automation
Instant Payments Tech
Fraud detection
Cyber Security

Advantages for
Start-ups in being
part of GDH TLV

We offer you our full and exclusive support. From fast-tracked feasibility checks, to state-of-the-art technological infrastructure, and all the way to internationally leading marketing channels
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Global Exposure


Proposed POC Process
We are constantly looking for technological solutions in the fields of 
Insurtech, Finetech, Cyber, Big Data, AI, ML, Autonomous car, and more. 
We keep track of start-ups and technologies through meetups, 
conferences, and with the assistance of academic and research 
institutions and leading VCs, such as Viola and Moneta. If your idea fits
our needs, please feel free to contact us through the "let's talk" option.
After a short meeting with our innovation manager, you will meet a senior advisory board member, who will review the technology to determine its relevance to one or both companies.
The advisory board will include: MSI and IDI professionals in innovation and in the relevant professional departments. This stage might require several meetings.
For this stage you will need to have the following:

  • Start-Up info deck
  • Team experience and quality
  • Technological phase
  • Operational potential
  • Idea compatibility to MS&AD and IDI’s needs
The start-ups chosen after screening will begin a POC with IDI and/or MSI. Initial POC stages will be managed by IDI.
The POC will include mentoring by top experts from both IDI and MSI. Senior level management mentors will guide and expand your knowledge through hands-on learning in fields like:

  • Marketing
  • Technology
  • Operations
  • Actuary
  • Legal and regulation
  • Access to DB and systems (test, live system, cloud, sandbox… all based on need)
  • Refining and adapting the solution
Final screening will be held by our advisory board, who will judge each POC according to:

  • Business KPIs achieved
  • Solution maturity
  • Mentoring potential
Based on POC success, we will move forward with a full
implementation at IDI and/or MSI. 
Equity investment is also a possibility.

Good luck. We can’t wait to hear from you.


Sharon Haran

Business Development, DIFI

Kumiko Ikeda

Supervisor, Digital Strategy Dept, MSI

Kenji Iijima

General Manager Digital Strategy Dept, MSI

Heli Tetro

GDH TLV Manager

Raz Bartov

VP Technology & innovation, IDI

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Think your idea can make
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